The Wram’s Horn II

Some important dates to remember in the Wram history book. 

  • 1956 Wram club is started
  • 1969  1st Eastern States R/C Jamboree better know as the WRAM SHOW
  • 1978  April 7 closing on the property sale of our current field
  • 1978  July 15 official opening of the field
  • 1992  May 29 field named the DeVore Field


For sale 3D profile extra 300 kit. Manufactured by Flatfoilz 
This is a flat foamy 3D kit, easy to build set up with small throws and sport fly.  
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      Just a point to make from the safety committee. Make sure to do a thorough preflight on your new RTF model and use good practices to ensure your new RTF model has a long life. Also don’t take for granted a 2.4 GHz radio is perfect. I have done a range check on an electric powered model that has a 2.4 radio and seen it fail. Just because your new RTF plane is ready to fly in 10 minutes doesn’t mean you not have give it a check over before flight and incorporate good building practices into it. The other point to make about your new plane or equipment is learn the most about it that you can, there are plenty of good YouTube videos and google chat rooms about virtually every product out there. Maybe somebody read the manual already and made it into a 10 minute video. 

Safety Fall 2018

      The days are shorter and the temps a bit colder it seems the  regular flying season is pretty much done at the DeVore Field. Thanks to modern electrics and good park flyers we can still get our fix. It’s nice to head to the local school or park with a handful of lipos and get some airtime. The soccer and ball fields are less crowded this time of the year and make excellent runways. Be sure to follow safe practices when you do fly elsewhere and follow the AMA rules.  Here are some quick tips. 
  1. Look to establish a safety or flight line
  2. Don’t  fly over spectators or crowds
  3. Try not to fly alone, a spotter can be real helpful incase other people show up 

Safety Spring 2019

       So you want to go flying and don’t want to be stressed out at the start of the season. Here is a simple checklist for going to the field. 

 1.   Transmitter correct one for the model your flying. 
 2.   Model is complete ( both wings, struts, all required parts and hardware)
 3.   Model is identified properly AMA and FAA numbers 
 4.   Transmitter batteries charged and in good condition 
 5.   Receiver battery charged and in good working condition if applicable 
 6.   Fuel / Flight batteries  / Charging equipment  
 7.   Specialty tools and/or extra replacement hardware that is specific to your model 
 8.   Extra propellers 
 9.   Glue  CA, 5min epoxy what ever your preference 
10.  Load the car the night before, in the morning you are ready to go stress free

     “‘Tis’ the season” 

       for  TICKS !!!!!! 
A mild winter and spring with above average rainfall means its going to be an excellent time for TICKS. 
 Be sure to prepare yourself for those little buggers when you head up to the field.  There are numerous kinds of repellent to choose from  with or without DEET. Know to check yourself, what to look for and how to prevent Lyme disease. 

 Works in progress 

  • Photos or writings describing latest projects or repairs. Submit to me what you are working on. 
  • Name that plane contest - Pretty obvious just for bragging rights. Click on the image below then email me your answer 

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