Membership Process

To become a member of the WRAM, we ask that you:

Attend two club meetings between January 1, and July 30 of the year you wish to join. If you have an AMA membership, and another WRAM member present to assist, you can start to fly at our field right away! We also can arrange assistance or training if you are new to R/C flying.

After attending the second meeting, you can ask any WRAM member to sponsor your membership. We are a private club, but very welcoming, so don't be shy!

A first time member fee of $100, in addition to our $200 annual club dues, will be required at that time.

Once granted probationary status, you will be eligible to fly at the WRAM field whenever another member is present EVERY Saturday, Sunday, and major holiday during our flying season, or by arrangement with any other full WRAM member.

During the probation period you will not be permitted at the field unless another full member is present.

Upon successful completion of the probationary period (Jun-Oct), you will be considered for full WRAM membership at our annual meeting in November. You will also need to have one more full member sponsor by that time.

Applicants wishing to advance in the membership process, but who fall outside of the flying season cut-off dates, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Due to the hard work and commitment of WRAM members over the past 50 years, our club is privileged to own 87 acres of beautiful farmland which is home to a first rate, and one of a kind model aircraft flying field and facilities.

Sustaining our club on this property requires a committed group of active members who also enjoy sharing our hobby in each other's company above all!

Good luck, and please do not be intimidated by our process for vetting new members. We are a very welcoming and fun group of model aviators who look forward to meeting new friends to share the hobby with!