Official Field Rules - 2018


1. It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to establish and maintain a procedure under which a particular member will be designated as Field Marshal on any occasion that WRAM flying activity will take place. Whenever a designated Field Marshal is not present, the first member at the field will be the Field Marshal.  Field Marshal duty begins at 11:00 AM and ends at dusk.

2. The Field Marshal shall have final authority in interpreting and enforcing all safety and flight rules.  Failure to comply with the rules shall be cause for immediate referral to the Board of Directors, and such failure can form sufficient grounds for disciplinary action.

3. No member shall litter the flying site area.

4. Cars shall only be parked in the area behind the pits defined by the wood curbing.


5. No member of the WRAM may fly at a WRAM owned or controlled flying site, unless accompanied by a responsible individual. Probationary Members may not fly unless a Member is present.

6. Fire extinguishers are required on the flight line whenever pilots are using gasoline-powered engines.

7. All persons shall remain behind the flight line unless required for flying or to retrieve aircraft.  In such cases, that person shall announce, ”ON THE FIELD” to notify other pilots to keep their planes away from the runway area. Guests and spectators must remain between the outermost limit of the shade structures and the parking area.

8. When a spectator appears at the field, not as a guest of a particular member, the Field Marshal or a member shall promptly and courteously explain the appropriate safety rules and require the spectator’s compliance.

9. All flying shall be conducted at least 30 feet in front of the flight line and in a safe manner.  Flying over or behind the flight line or other unsafe conduct shall be cause for grounding or other appropriate action by the Field Marshal.


10. WRAM members are allowed only ONE “flying” guest at the field.  Probationary members and potential members are not allowed “flying” guests

11.  All guests must be informed of the Official Field Rules by their host member.  It is the responsibility of the member to insure that his guest observes these rules.

12. A non-member may be permitted to fly only as the guest of a particular member, and only when that member is present at the field.  The guest must have an AMA membership and, if appropriate, an FCC license.

12a. Inactive Members shall only be permitted to fly as a guest three times a year.

12b. “Random Guests” defined as persons who have no connection with Westchester Radio Aero Modelers,

Inc, have no interest in joining Westchester Radio Aero Modelers, Inc., have not paid dues or initiation fees

Or worked the Show, Shall only be permitted to fly as a guest three times a year.

12c. “Prospective Members,” defined as interested individuals who have attended the mandatory number of

meetings required for membership, those in line for probationary membership status or who have worked the

Show or otherwise shown a clear interest in becoming a member of Westchester Radio Aero Modelers, Inc. ,

Shall be permitted to fly an unlimited number of times per year as a guest.


14. The Field Marshal, at his discretion, or at the request of another member will check the sound level of any aircraft. An aircraft not able to attain these requirements will be grounded.

a. All two-stroke engines, regardless of size, are not to exceed 96db at 9 ft.

b. All four-stroke engines and gasoline engines, regardless of size, are not to exceed 98db at 9 ft.


15a. Hours of operation.  On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, flying shall not begin before 11:00AM.  On normal workdays, flying shall not begin earlier than 9:00AM.  Flying will always cease at dusk except as noted in 15b.)  No engines may be operated on the field outside these hours.  Sailplanes or electric aircraft may commence flying at 9:00AM on any day.

15b.  Night flying of lighted electric aircraft will be permitted until 10:00 PM.  Aircraft must be well illuminated so that location, attitude, and speed are easily known.  All-up-weight of aircraft not to exceed 10 pounds.  Pilot must be accompanied by a responsible individual.

16. At no time shall there be more than three power (electric, gas, or glow) aircraft in the air.  If the number of sailplanes and electric sailplanes in the air jeopardizes safe field operation, the Field Marshal shall determine how many sailplanes and electric sailplanes may fly.  

17. All flying shall be conducted through a frequency control system consisting of numbered pins, flags, etc., as recommended by the AMA and approved by the club membership.  All fliers must turn their transmitters in to an impound area upon arriving at the field.  

18. All powered flying shall be conducted from one of the three designated areas along the flight line. When operating on a sailplane frequency, sailplanes and electric sailplanes should fly from the designated area and return behind the safety line after launch.

19. In the event that a plane becomes lost in the growth surrounding the field, all flying will be suspended.  The Field Marshal shall appoint one person to remain at the flight line for security purposes.  All other members and guests are expected to help in the search for the lost plane until found or the Field Marshal calls off the search.

20. It shall be the obligation of every inexperienced flier or a flier who has an untried aircraft to request a flier of adequate experience to be his/her assistant or helper during the flight.  The Field Marshal may assign any other member to serve as the helper.

21. Any flier has the authority to request exclusive use of the air during the first flights of a new aircraft, or due to other special circumstances.

22. When more than one aircraft is aloft, all fliers, without regard to experience, are required to have an assistant or helper to insure that the field is clear for the flier’s takeoff and landing, and to advise the flier of potential interference by/with other airplanes.

23. There will be no taxiing in the pit area.

24. When in the judgment of the Field Marshal there is sufficient activity or congestion to require it, he shall institute “Flight Line Rules” as follows:

A. The Field Marshal shall establish the order in which members will fly.

B. Each member will be allotted only one turn in each flight.  If a member has a guest, that guest may fly only on the member’s turn..  As a group, “guests of the club,” as opposed to guests of a member, shall be entitled to fly only one turn in each of four total flights.

C. No member shall fly more than ten minutes except by prior arrangement with the Field Marshal

25. First Person View Flight (FPV)  All FPV Pilots and Spotters must be Certified through the WRAM before using FPV at the club field.   All FPV flight must comply with AMA Document #550.  Full requirements are available here as a separate document on WRAM FPV.

Radio Control Frequencies

 72 megahertz: channels 11-60.

  2.4 gigahertz spread-spectrum radio equipment may be used for all model aircraft.

When flying, each modeler must display a clip showing his name and active frequency to be placed on the Frequency Board.  Clips for 2.4Ghz Spread Spectrum should show modeler name and “2.4S”


v. 2013.1