Just a point to make from the safety committee. Make sure to do a thorough pre-flight on your new RTF model and use good practices to ensure your new RTF model has a long life. Also don’t take for granted a 2.4 GHz radio is perfect. I have done a range check on an electric powered model that has a 2.4 radio and seen it fail. Just because your new RTF plane is ready to fly in 10 minutes doesn’t mean you not have give it a check over before flight and incorporate good building practices into it. The other point to make about your new plane or equipment is learn the most about it that you can, there are plenty of good YouTube videos and google chat rooms about virtually every product out there. Maybe somebody read the manual already and made it into a 10 minute video.

Anyone flying from the WRAM field must comply with all state, federal, and local laws including pertinent FAA regulations.  WRAM is a designated FRIA, so RemoteID is not required.  Members are responsible for the understanding of and full compliance with WRAM field rules, safety rules, and other  applicable laws for themselves and their guests.